100 Trees Project

100 YEARS, 100 TREES

Thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent event – the Avalon Centenary tree give away on Saturday, March 19. Despite the crazy weather we had a fantastic turnout at Dunbar Park. It’s encouraging to see how many in our community appreciate Pittwater’s amazing tree canopy and are willing to brave the elements to help support our efforts. It was also especially exciting to see young families and their children take so much interest. We want to thank and welcome all our new keepers and hope all the native plants are now in the earth soaking up the rain and sunshine.

This event was part of a larger 100 trees project run by Canopy Keepers to celebrate the 2021-22 Centenary Celebrations for the naming of Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Over two events we has given away over 100 canopy trees (e.g Spotted Gums, Angophoras and Swamp Mahogany) and another 150+ mid-storey and ground cover plants; because we understand how critical these diverse layers are to supporting the well being and integrity of the canopy. Our strength is in you – our community sharing the undertanding and speaking to the importance of retaining a strong canopy.

We’d love to hear about your tree’s progress. Please send us your photos via our socials or email.

“These trees which he plants, and under whose shade he shall never sit, he loves them for themselves, and for the sake of his children and his children’s children…”
– Hyacinthe Loyson

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Canopy Keepers was formed in 2020 as an independent group to raise community awareness about the social, environmental and economic importance of trees to our area. We aim to increase local appreciation of the value of a healthy and strong canopy. We also lobby for changes to regulations and practices to protect and enhance it.

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